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The recommendations given here reflect a commonly-adopted pedagogically practical compromise involving the admixture of the treatment of some sounds as they developed in late classical or postclassical pronunciation. One may attempt a more purist pronunciation (for instance of theta and phi), but this has been found to cause many students to commit spelling errors that are avoided with the compromise system. More details about particular sounds are given in the Pronunciation Guide module.

Some words in the vocabularies of Units 3-8 of the second edition are not at this time represented in the pronunciation examples in this module.

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On the pages of this module, the sounds are embedded in the page, and are downloaded when the page is loaded before you begin to click on words to hear the sounds. Thus on a slow connection or on a page with many embedded sounds, the page will take some time to draw: please be patient and let the page load fully before clicking on words. Once the page is finished loading, you should not have any delays in hearing sounds when you click. Playing the sounds relies on the QuickTime plugin. If you do not have the needed plugin already, your browser should detect the lack and help you download it. The sounds of this module will not play on iOS devices.