Naming and explaining accents (U2, Ex.I)

Placing accents (U2, Ex.II)

Persistent accentuation:
•o-declension (U3, Ex.V)
•a-declension (U4, Ex.VII)
•a-declension (U6)
•vowel-decl. adjectives (U7)
•consonant-decl. nouns (U14, 15, 21)
•consonant-decl. adjs. (U22)

Recessive accentuation: finite verbs (U5)

Enclitics practice

Unit 2, Ex. I: Naming and explaining accents

horizontal rule

DIRECTIONS: for each word, identify the type of accent, name the syllable on which it occurs, and identify the length of U. To check your answer, place the cursor over the word. The answer displayed will also indicate which rule(s) the example illustrates.

1. ἀνέμου 9. θάνατος 16. ἄνεμοι
2. ψῆφος 10. ποταμός 17. ἀξίοις
3. ψήφοις 11. ποταμὸς βαθύς 18. ἀποπέμπει
4. ἀγορᾶς 12. ἔπεμπε 19. αἰσχρῷ
5. ἀρχῶν 13. ψυχὴ ἀθάνατος 20. βουλεῦσαι
6. τιμή 14. ὁδός 21. τίθεται
7. πεῖρά τις 15. τιμαῖς 22. γίγαντες
8. πόλεμός που   23. χαλεπήν