Naming and explaining accents (U2, Ex.I)

Placing accents (U2, Ex.II)

Persistent accentuation:
•o-declension (U3, Ex.V)
•a-declension (U4, Ex.VI)
•a-declension (U6)
•vowel-decl. adjectives (U7)
•consonant-decl. nouns (U14, 15, 21)
•consonant-decl. adjs. (U22)

Recessive accentuation: finite verbs (U5)

Enclitics practice

Unit 5 (1 of 3): Recessive Accentuation (finite verbs)

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DIRECTIONS:Each word is a finite form of a verb (involving no contraction). Following the principle of recessive accentuation, place the correct accent on each form. Select the type of accent from the choice pop-up, then click above the syllable you think is correct. To see the reason for the accent, place the cursor over the number in front of the word.