Naming and explaining accents (U2, Ex.I)

Placing accents (U2, Ex.II)

Persistent accentuation:
•o-declension (U3, Ex.V)
•a-declension (U4, Ex.VI)
•a-declension (U6)
•vowel-decl. adjectives (U7)
•consonant-decl. nouns (U14, 15, 21)
•consonant-decl. adjs. (U22)

Recessive accentuation: finite verbs (U5)

Enclitics practice

Unit 6 (1 of 2): Persistent Accentuation: a-declension

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DIRECTIONS: The first word in each pair is the nominative singular of a noun. Following the principle of persistent accentuation and the special rules applying to such nouns, place the correct accent on the second form in each pair. Select the type of accent from the choice pop-up, then click above the syllable you think is correct. To see the reason for the accent, place the cursor over the number in front of the word.