Naming and explaining accents (U2, Ex.I)

Placing accents (U2, Ex.II)

Persistent accentuation:
•o-declension (U3, Ex.V)
•a-declension (U4, Ex.VI)
•a-declension (U6)
•vowel-decl. adjectives (U7)
•consonant-decl. nouns (U14, 15, 21)
•consonant-decl. adjs. (U22)

Recessive accentuation: finite verbs (U5)

Enclitics practice

Enclitics Practice (1 of 3)

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DIRECTIONS: For each item, an accented word is shown to the left of the colon. To the right of the colon the same word is shown followed by an enclitic (and sometimes additional words). Use the pop-up choices to select an answer as to how the combined phrase should be accented. The correct answer will cause the accents to be displayed on the combined phrase. To see the reason for the accent(s), place the cursor over the number in front of the item.