Accent and Accent-Marking in Ancient Greek

Contonation and Mora

The Last 3 Syllables and the Accents
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Multiple Clitics

Traditional Terminology

Persistent Accentuation
• a- and o-declension
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Recessive Accentuation

The Last Three Syllables and the Accents (5 of 9)

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The ultima, if short and accented, has an acute when a word is written in isolation or occurs immediately before a pause (or before an enclitic). In a connected utterance, a short accented ultima has the grave instead.

μακρὰ ἡ ὁδός.     “The road is long.”
acute on short U before punctuation

ἡ ὁδὸς μακρά.     “The road is long.”
grave on short U within connected utterance