Accent and Accent-Marking in Ancient Greek

Contonation and Mora

The Last 3 Syllables and the Accents
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Multiple Clitics

Traditional Terminology

Persistent Accentuation
• a- and o-declension
• consonant declension

Recessive Accentuation

The Last Three Syllables and the Accents (7 of 9)

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horizontal rule

The penult, if short and accented, must have the acute.

If long and accented, the penult has the acute if U is long, the circumflex if U is short. This variation depends on the rule of contonation and mora.

Short P – length of U does not matter:

πόνον – short P, short U

πόνων – short P, long U

Long P – length of U determines accent:

δῶρον – long P, short U
contonation underlined; one mora follows

δώροις – long P, long U
contonation underlined; no mora follows